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What People are saying about Miracle Casters

Received your casters and they seem to be working great.  I can move on the rug!

Eilleen H., Harrisburg, PA



Excellent. This looks perfect and much better than replacing the flimsy chair mat I bought barely a year ago! Thanks, 

Jim T., Apex, NC



Wanted to let you know that I put the casters on my Aeron chair, and omigod they are awesome !!! I have to tell you that I was somewhat skeptical they would do the trick w/ our carpet, but MAN! that chair glides so smoothly now.

So, definitely put it on your web site that the Miracle Casters are perfect for the Herman Miller Aeron chairs. The fit is perfect, the caster slides in w/ a little resistance and doesn't have any problems being loose at all. And the stem is a little longer than the stock caster, but I measured the hole, and there's plenty of space left even above the Miracle Casters' stem.

Thanks again, and I'll be ordering another set (possibly 2).

Richard H., Los Angeles, CA 



I just wanted to say "thank you" for the excellent casters and the wonderful service at Miracle Casters. The casters made it so much easier to roll on my desk mat which kept getting indentations that would make it hard to roll after sitting for a while. The casters also solved a problem my chair had with making a really loud "snapping" noise when I would sit in it for a while and then try to roll. . . .  Your service and product are wonderful. . . .

Nathan I. Sacramento, CA



Perfect.  Great price, great product, and I couldn't believe you shipped it UPS Priority at no charge; arrived less than 48 hours after I placed the order.  Very nice surprise.
Goodbye ugly plastic mat!  Your casters went on an Aeron chair, and actually improved an already-excellent product.  I've got a pretty bad neurological condition which causes major pain; the Aeron has helped that, and your casters are little 'miracles' too, making a good product better.
I've successfully ordered goods from the internet for many years, but this is the first time I've felt I should write a company with my compliments.  Keep up the good work!  Many blessings.
Michael, GA

I received the casters today and installed them on my Aeron chair. They're great. I have Berber carpeting with spongy underpad backing. The wheels roll very well on it. Also, the chair seat post was making contact with the carpet and damaging it. Now it rides 1-1/2" above the carpet. Thanks for solving my chair problem.
Martin, Toronto


Miracle Caster
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Caster Stem Measuring Tips

Measuring the diameter of your caster stem can be a bit tricky, especially if the end of the stem is rounded. (The end of your stem may be flat or rounded. This is not important. The two types of stems are interchangeable.) 

It is important that the stems on the casters you will be replacing measure 7/16-inch in diameter.



7/16 Wrench

One easy way to measure your caster stem is to use a 7/16-inch wrench. The edges of your caster stem should closely fit inside the wrench. (You can use either an open-ended wrench or a closed-ended wrench.) An adjustable wrench could also be used, but you will need to measure the wrench opening with a ruler and set the opening to 7/16-inch.

Another easy way to confirm that your caster stem is 7/16 of an inch in diameter is to cut a piece of thread or small string to a length of 1 3/8 inch (35 mm). You could even cut a small strip of paper to this length. The cut piece of string or paper should wrap around your caster stem, fitting perfectly if your stem has a diameter of 7/16 inch.

Or, if you don't like playing with little strings or pieces of paper, you can use a ruler.  If your ruler does not show 16ths of an inch, remember, 7/16 of an inch is midway between 3/8ths and 1/2 of an inch. 

Another item that you can use to measure the size of the stem holes is a drill bit. a 7/16-inch bit should fit into your stem hole, to a depth of at least a 1/4 inch. In some styles of stem holes, your drill bit will easily slide all the way into the holes, and may even feel a little loose in the hole (but not too loose!)

If you have a measuring square and a ruler, you can measure your stem directly using the following method: Place your stem on a cabinet or other flat surface that has a right angle. Then place an "L" shaped measuring tool (square) on the stem, such that one leg of the square is flush with the vertical edge of the cabinet, and the top of the square rests on the surface of the stem. Now use a ruler to measure the distance between the horizontal surface of the cabinet and the edge of your square. Take care that the edge of your square does not slip into the groove in your caster stem.

Please measure your caster stem before ordering!

Quantity: $9 per caster plus shipping. Most chairs require five casters.

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