Miracle Casters


Compatibility & Weight

Received your casters and they seem to be working great.
  I can move on the rug!

Eilleen H., Harrisburg, PA

Excellent. This looks perfect and much better than replacing the flimsy chair mat I bought barely a year ago! Thanks.

Jim T., Apex, NC

... the Miracle Casters are perfect for the Herman Miller Aeron chairs. The fit is perfect, the caster slides in w/ a little resistance and doesn't have any problems being loose at all. 

Richard H., Los Angeles, CA

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the excellent casters and the wonderful service at Miracle Casters. The casters made it so much easier to roll on my desk mat which kept getting indentations that would make it hard to roll after sitting for a while . . .  Your service and product are wonderful. . . .

Nathan I. Sacramento, CA

Goodbye ugly plastic mat!  Your casters went on an Aeron chair, and actually improved an already-excellent product.  I've got a pretty bad neurological condition which causes major pain; the Aeron has helped that, and your casters are little 'miracles' too, making a good product better.  ... Keep up the good work!  Many blessings.

Michael, GA