Miracle Caster Large Chair Caster with 7/8" Long Stem (7/16" Diameter Stem)

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Miracle Casters are large  chair casters that offer several advantages over regular chair casters:

Miracle Casters roll more easily over carpet
eliminating the need for a chair mat.

Miracle Casters roll more easily over tile floors.

Miracle Casters raise your chair about two inches.

Miracle Casters are heavy duty casters and well suited for heavy individuals.

Miracle Casters can be useful to individuals with certain types of disabilities, offering an alternative to a wheelchair in some situations.

Miracle Casters use wheels that are nearly 4 inches in diameter. That's twice the diameter of the cheap casters supplied on most office chairs. Because of their larger size, Miracle Casters roll easily over thick carpet or grouted tile.  Think of the huge wheels on tractors and other heavy equipment. Miracle Casters work on the same principle. The bigger the wheel, the easier it will roll over a soft or uneven surface.

Before you buy a set of Miracle Casters, measure the stem of your current casters. Your stem does not have to be the same length as a Miracle Caster stem, but it must be the same diameter. To measure your caster stem, you must first remove the caster. Grip the wheel firmly and pull it straight away from the bottom of the chair. You may need to wiggle it as you pull. The wheel should come off, along with the stem, when you give it a good tug. 

If it does not come off with a tug, do not strain yourself. Some casters, especially on furniture other than chairs, screw on. Currently, we are not offering screw-on type casters.

Once your caster is removed, measure the stem to make sure that the diameter is 7/16 of an inch. This is the most important measurement.

The length of your stem is less important because nearly all office chairs have similar stem lengths that are compatible with the Miracle Caster. Miracle Casters have a stem length of 7/8-inch. These casters can usually be used to replace casters with stems between  ¾-inch and 1.25-inch in length, as measured from the top of the mounting nub.  The end of your stem may be flat or rounded. The two types of stems are interchangeable.

Your current casters may differ from Miracle Casters in that your casters may have a thick plastic neck that makes the casters appear to blend with and be a part of the chair leg. However, this is a cosmetic difference only. Though Miracle Casters do not have this thick plastic neck, they will still work fine, assuming the stem measurements are as described above.

Click here for tips on measuring your caster stem.

Before ordering, make sure that the seat of your chair can be lowered a couple of inches to compensate for the extra height of a Miracle Caster. Otherwise, your legs might not fit under your desk!

Each caster is rated to carry 130 pounds, which means that a set of five will hold a static load of 650 pounds. Miracle Casters are helpful for many heavy individuals. However, for best results, we do not recommend Miracle Casters for individuals over 300 pounds. 

When used on carpet, each Miracle Caster is guaranteed against failure for 10 years.

Please measure your caster stem before ordering!

Most office chairs require five casters. Casters cost $10 each or $50 for a set of 5. Shipping by Priority Mail is about $9-$12 to most U.S. locations.