Questions and answers about Miracle Casters

Can I use Miracle Casters on a hard floor?

Yes. In fact, they can make it easier to roll your chair over grouted tile. However, Miracle Casters are designed primarily for use on carpet. Because Miracle Casters are quite hard, they may damage certain types of hard floors over time. Also, your Miracle Casters may wear out more quickly if used on a hard floor. They will still last for many years, but they will not be covered by our warranty against failure

Can I use Miracle Casters on a chair mat or carpet protector?

Yes. However, with Miracle Casters most people don't really need  a chair mat. But if you want the added ease of movement you get with a chair mat, you can keep your mat and use your Miracle Casters too. This may be a good idea if your carpet is especially thick or very delicate. With Miracle Casters you will have the ability to roll off your chair mat when you need to. However, your Miracle Casters may wear out more quickly if used on a chair mat. They will still last for many years, but they will not be covered by our  warranty against failure

Is there any risk that Miracle Casters could damage my chair?

Because of their larger size, Miracle Casters will generate greater stress on the socket area of the chair base. This will be somewhat offset by the reduced rolling resistance due to the casters' larger diameter. The risk of chair damage is small. We have sold many thousands of Miracle Casters and have had only a handful of reports of damage. The risk of damage is of greater concern when the Miracle Caster stem is longer or much shorter than the original caster stem. The greater the difference in stem length, the greater the risk of damage. Heavy individuals and individuals using relatively inexpensive chairs are also at greater risk of experiencing damage to the base of their chairs. If damage occurs, or seems likely, a heavy-duty five-star replacement chair base is recommended. Such chair bases are available from a variety of other vendors. We are not responsible for damage or injury that may result from the use of Miracle Casters.

Can Miracle Casters help the disabled?

Yes, Miracle Casters can be useful to some individuals with mobility problems such as limited use of their legs or feet, or balance problems or coordination problems. For the individual who may not need or want a full-fledged wheel chair at home or in the office, Miracle Casters may offer an appealing low-cost alternative.  

Are Miracle Casters appropriate for use in an institutional setting?

Yes. Over the years we have had several large institutions make repeated bulk purchases of Miracle Casters. Miracle Casters work especially well in carpeted areas where noise is a concern. Libraries, call centers, schools, offices of all kinds, and even casinos are just a few examples of the kinds of institutional settings where Miracle Casters perform well. Miracle Casters improve mobility while also adding a touch of class to any setting.

Can Miracle Casters be used on wood chairs (or other furniture)?

It depends. Wood chairs that are designed to accept a caster with 7/16-in. grip-ring stem will usually accept Miracle Casters without a problem. If your chair uses casters with a different type of stem, or if your chair does not have casters, it may be possible to modify your chair to accept Miracle Casters using the optional sockets we sell. These sockets can also be useful if you want to adapt other types of furniture to accept Miracle Casters. For instance, some desks, TV caddies and tables can be modified to accept Miracle Casters.  

Is there a list of chairs that accept Miracle Casters?

No. Miracle Casters fit a wide of chairs built to accept casters with a 7/16" grip-ring stem. This is a common stem-size, but some chairs use other types casters and stems. Check with your preferred chair vendor or manufacturer before purchasing a chair for use with Miracle Casters. Or consider purchasing a 5-star replacement chair base designed to accept casters with a 7/16" grip-ring stem. 5-star chair bases are available from other vendors. See also the answer to the next question. 

Can Miracle Casters be used on my Herman Miller Aeron Chair or other specialty chair?

We are not a chair distributor. However, we have had several reports from owners of Aeron chairs over the years indicating that Miracle Casters work well on their Aeron chairs. However, chair manufacturers may change the specifications of their chairs from time to time. Check your chair's caster stem measurements carefully before ordering Miracle Casters. If you order Miracle Casters and they do not work for you, you may return them for a partial refund.

What if Miracle Casters don't fit my chair?

You might consider switching to a different chair. If you really like your chair, you might consider ordering a new base for your chair. You might search online for a "5-Star Base" for your chair. These come in a variety of styles and sizes to fit various chairs and casters. Some of them are designed to fit a caster with a 7/16" grip-ring stem like Miracle Casters. 

Why are Miracle Casters so expensive?

Miracle Casters are a top quality product. They are not just bigger than most casters. They are better. They are rugged and durable - built to last. They are not expensive when you consider that they will likely last for a lifetime when used on carpeted surfaces. (They are guaranteed against failure for 10 years.) They may well outlast your present chair. Fortunately, you will probably be able to use them on your next chair. 

Can I call you with my credit card number to order Miracle Casters?

No. We are currently not able to take credit card orders over the phone. However, you may order by mail. See the next question for details. 

Are quantity discounts available?

Quantity discounts are available when you order at least 16 items. The discount is more generous when you order more items. The discount is computed automatically by our shopping cart software.

Are the casters guaranteed?

Yes, Miracle Casters are guaranteed for 10 years when used on carpet. See our product guarantee for details.

What if I need to return the casters?

Casters may be returned within 30 days of delivery for a partial refund. Our cost for shipping and handling will be deducted from any refund. You will not be reimbursed for the cost of return shipping. Be sure to measure your caster stem before ordering. Also, check the height of your desk and chair before ordering to make sure that your chair won't be too tall for your desk once the Miracle Casters are installed. See our product guarantee for more details.

Can I order casters if I am outside of the U.S.?

Yes. However, there will be an extra charge to ship casters to other countries. Note that these shipping charges will not be refunded if you return the casters. You may also be required to pay customs fees, duties and taxes. If you refuse delivery, or decide you do not want the casters, you will be responsible for all costs associated with returning the casters to us.

What if I have other questions? 

Please e-mail any other questions you may have to:

Please measure your caster stem before ordering!