Corner Caster Socket For Desks and Other Furniture

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Designed to mount to the inside corner at the bottom of a piece of furniture such as a desk. Use screws or bolts to attach (not included).

The optional caster sockets featured on this page work with Miracle Casters (and other casters that have a 7/16-in. diameter grip-ring stem.). These sockets allow Miracle Casters to be mounted to furniture other than chairs, or to chairs that do not have a suitable socket. Now, desks, TV caddies, bar-stools and even home-made furnishings (like the plant pot platform pictured above) can be fitted with Miracle Casters.  

Select the socket design that will work best with your particular type of furniture. Some chairs and certain types of furniture may not be suitable for use with any of the sockets featured here. There is always a risk that modifying furniture by adding sockets or casters may lead to furniture damage or personal injury. Use these sockets at your own risk.